Habits for a tidy home before selling…and every day!

We all have that friend whose home seems to be spotless, no matter the time of day.

How do they do it????

You could swing by for a morning coffee or stop over for dinner, and it always looks like someone just cleaned. Can you imagine if your house could be like that? Well, it can! Tidy homes are created out of habit.

If you are getting ready to sell your home, you are going to feel the pressure to have a tidy home now, more than ever. But, if you begin now following these guidelines, by the time you are putting your home on the market it will feel so natural and easy!

Here are 5 habits of people with tidy homes, so that you too can have a house that looks like a magazine feature all the time.

1. Having A Schedule

Letting clutter accumulate is the easiest way to get a messy home. If you are waiting until the mess is unbearable, you’re going to be overwhelmed by it every time. By creating a cleaning schedule, you can manage the cleaning of your home instead of avoiding it. Create tasks for each day, like a day for dusting and a day for vacuuming, so you are doing a little bit of deep cleaning every day. 

2. Create Lists

Break down everything in your home that needs to be cleaned on a list. By creating a list, you will be able to cross off what you complete as you go. This visual helps you to stay on track and feel like you’re accomplishing your goals. 

3. A Place For Everything


Organization is the key to a tidy home. If every item in your house has its own home, cleaning will be much easier. This especially helps to prevent junk drawers or counters overflowing with random household items. 

4. Get Rid of Clutter

If a junk drawer is already overflowing in your house or you have a closet where you’ve been stuffing items with no other place to go, it is time to purge. Follow Marie Kondo’s advice and get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy – especially clutter.


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5. Baskets are Best

Sara koenig Home.jpg

While it is important to maintain organization when using them, baskets can be extremely helpful to organize and reduce clutter – especially if you have children or pets. While it is easier to manage our own clutter, it can be difficult to put every toy or childcare item away properly when we are in a rush. By having decorative baskets throughout your home, you can quickly clear out an area if you have guests coming over without scrambling to put all those items where they are meant to go. It is important to add basket organization to your cleaning list, that way they do not become just another ‘junk drawer’ of sorts. 

Work on creating these habits in your own home and soon enough, you’ll be the one who doesn’t mind when your friends stop by at any hour! Or, like I mentioned, if you are getting ready to sell your home….You are ONE step closer to a quick and successful sale! So celebrate that!

I am always available if you are getting ready to sell your home! Each home is unique and I approach my advice with every client individually. This way we ensure the home selling process feels comfortable and as easy as possible!

Best, Sara

Sara Koenig | Spokane Realtor



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