Is your listing “On Fleek” for Millennials?

You’re getting ready to sell your home….but I am sure you are asking yourselves the ONE question just like all sellers….What if we never get an offer?

This can be a scary time putting your home up on the market for sale.  Believe me, you are not alone!! 

You wonder if anyone is going to like your home, and if it will actually sell.  My seller’s talk to me about this fear all the time.  It’s the fear of the unknown.  No matter how much factual evidence I can present as a broker with homes that HAVE SOLD and how the market is moving, it’s still inevitable that my sellers are all going to have that same worry.

To help minimize that worry let me loop you in on some facts…. it’s important to know exactly WHO is shopping for homes currently…WHO are the buyer’s out there?

As a seller…you should know.

Millennials make up 66% of the First time home buyer pool currently, and about 35% of the TOTAL home buyer pool!  So, their presence is strong and it’s a good idea to pay attention to what they are looking for in a home!

1. The Kitchen!  Think you are selling your kitchen!  Seriously….this is the main feature millennials will look at when they come to see your home.  This generation loves to entertain and hang out with their friends, so they want a great Kitchen!  If you can, I recommend updating your kitchen before listing.  They love an open floorplan too, for ease of entertaining and conversation!

2. Smart Home Features….Millennials appreciate smart home features like a Ring doorbell, or a Nest.  They also appreciate energy efficient aspects like more efficient heating and cooling, or construction that is more efficient with insulation. 

3. Home Office space…Many millennials can, and do work from home.  So, for this reason they will appreciate a potential home that has a space that would work for a home office area.

4. Over 50% of millennials surveyed said that they would rather buy a new construction home, than an older home so that they don’t have to worry about repairs and failing home systems.  For this reason, I recommend fixing and repairing any potential issues before listing, and also it can be a great idea to offer a home warranty with the purchase of your home. 

This generation has massive buying power in our market right now, and while it is still a very strong seller’s market, it can pay off big time to consider what the current buyer pool is looking for, and paying for!

Selling your home can be a smooth process with the right advisor by your side!  Pick a Realtor that is in tune with the current market and aware of what it will take to make sure your home hits the market “On Fleak” and ready to impress!  😉

Post your thoughts and comments below and let me know what you think!

As always, I am available for any other questions you may have!  Give me a call and I will treat you to a cup of coffee to discuss the best strategy to get your home SOLD!  Then we can plan your fun new chapter in life! .

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