What I believe you deserve from your Realtor when selling your home

Making the decision to sell your home is one of the biggest financial choices many will make in their life. 

In our current Spokane market, listing your home takes an aggressive approach and you deserve an agent that will provide you with a comprehensive marketing plan along with steps they will take to guide you through the entire listing process. 

As a listing agent I make sure to listen to my clients needs, and make sure to answer any questions, and keep you informed along the way.  This includes reviewing offers that come in and the difference between them, weekly updates on your listing and how it is performing compared to the rest of the market, and follow up with other agents to ensure you are aware of what potential buyer’s feedback is. 

Communication is important between you and your Real Estate professional. There is no worse feeling when selling your home than wondering.  Wondering if the price is right, wondering if potential buyer’s like your home, and not knowing if your agent is actually WORKING for you.  I commit to keeping you informed when you work with me and being your advocate  throughout the entire process!

I look forward to helping you with your listing needs.  If you would like to discuss if selling your home is the right decision for you now, please reach out to me, I would love to meet you!

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    Pricing Matters & Zillow is wrong

    Today I want to share with you a little bit about why pricing your home RIGHT matters, and why Zillow is wrong.

    Zestimates aren’t accurate          

    When referencing Zillow for your home value “Zestimate” the price range can be up to 20% off the actual current market value sometimes. Zillow is going to use as many variables as possible to reflect their pricing, but Zillow isn’t going to come into your home and see what it actually looks like inside.

    Realtors have more factual advice

    When you are ready to sell your home, your best plan of action is going to be to first invite a Real Estate professional into your home to evaluate the aspects of your home against other homes within your area. The agent will be able to see what updates you have done, what the layout of your home is, and give you advice around price increasing items to complete prior to listing. A Real Estate professional should come prepared with Comparable home sales that are both slightly inferior to yours and superior in order to recommend the best listing price for your home.

    Appraisal Issues

    If your home is listed over market value, even in the great Seller’s market we are having currently, your home will sit without much activity or showings. This will create a question in potential buyer’s head wondering “What is wrong with this home?” You DON’T want that! Involving a Real Estate Professional will help you to ensure that your home is presented the best and marketed at the best possible price so that you don’t have this issue. This will also ensure that you don’t get down the road with an offer only to find out that the appraiser has turned in a less than offer value on your home. This creates a whole other aspect of negotiating between buyer and seller which can be avoided.

    If you would like more information, or you are getting ready to list your home for sale, I would love to help you!

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