Thank you, next, next….

What would make a buyer in this market say, “Thank you, next, next….” just like Ariana Grande’s latest hit??

Here are a few reasons you might not sell and end up with an expired listing or withdrawn listing, even in our continued strong seller’s market.


This is THE number one reason a buyer will not make an offer on your home.  Over pricing will ensure that you either never get an offer, or you end up getting an offer below actual market value AND after several months.

As a seller this is the most important decision you will align on with your broker.  When selling your home it is easy to reference sites like Zillow and determine the price to list off of that number alone.  This is a big mistake.  Here is why. 

When you invite a professional over to tour your home before selling they can provide you with strong market comparisons since we are in homes every single day.  We know what’s out there.  We are aware of what buyer’s are looking for, what price homes are selling for, and can pretty accurately assess what your home value is based on all of this expertise.  The problem with internet sites is that they go off of data, not seeing it in person.

So, your home might be updated and superior to others, or on the flip side may be not as updated as others which will all effect the pricing recommended by a professional to sell your home fast!


This step in the home selling process is the second most important aspect of a successful sale.  When you list your home For Sale By Owner or even as a Flat list the marketing power is simply just not there. 

A fantastic Realtor will have many other avenues they use when promoting your listing out to the public.  They will leverage Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms as well.  They will also syndicate your listing to several dozen sites aside from just Zillow and   The more views = THE BETTER!


80% of buyer’s search for homes online….and you guessed it….Bad photography equals a big ol’  “Thank you, next, next….” from a potential Buyer.

This is your first impression and opportunity for a buyer to want to schedule a showing on your home. 

Any agent that does not take the time to hire a professional, and also doesn’t attend the photography day is NOT setting you up for the most success in selling your home.  Period.  There are so many last minute adjustments that happen on photography day to ensure that your photos are AMAZING!!!  Great broker’s will work with the photographer to ensure that happens….even if it means moving furniture from room to room to make more space in the photos (I may or may not have done this before…)

Some agents may disagree with me, but research it yourself and you will find out that this is 100% True.

In conclusion for today, if you nail all three of these items….you will be well on your way to a successful sale of your home. 

Happy Selling!

Sara Koenig

Broker | 509.939.5940

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