Tips for selling your home with less stress!!

Preparing your home for sale is probably one of the most nerve wracking times for most sellers.  All of the questions begin running through your mind….Will the house looks good enough?  What will potential buyers think?  Will they find any problems?  What about inspection? What should we fix first?  What is most important?

I want to share some tips you can do ahead of time and even throughout the year to maintain your home and keep it in tip top shape!  This way, when the time does come to sell your home you won’t have to worry so much or spend alot of time preparing.  You’ll just need to do a few little touch-ups and you’ll be ready. 

Get rid of Bathtub stains with this easy tip:


Potential buyer’s will look inside your tub, so taking the time to keep this area nice and clean will go a long way for you!  They will also notice if the sinks are stained or dirty as well.  So, keep them sparkling!

This is also a great time to check if you need to replace any of the grout in your tile.  This can cause issues if water can seep in and get behind your tile, and that will be noticed by an inspector.  So, take care of this before you have a potentially larger issue at hand.

Pay attention to the details like your baseboards:


Every six months it’s a good habit to include baseboards and window sills/ledges in your deep cleaning routine.  Heading into the winter months is a perfect time to clean these forgotten areas.  Dryer sheets or swiffer sheets works perfectly to clean up these areas quickly.  It’s also a good time to check for any cracked grout or seals that need repair as well.

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Keep your dishwasher nice and clean:


This easy trick is great to do each month to ensure your dishwasher doesn’t have any yucky odors and is nice and clean.  Grime can build up easily and the better maintained this stays the better it will be when the time comes to sell.  You don’t want to have to worry about replacing appliances when that time comes.

Keep your rugs clean and free of odors:


Carpets and rugs can hide all kinds of odors and potential buyer’s will notice this right away.  Some scents are really tough to get rid of.  Sprinkling baking soda on your rugs every other week will help to neutralize these odors and keep your home smelling nice and fresh all year and especially when your home is about to hit the market!

If you have stains or really difficult odors, it is important to have them professionally cleaned before listing your home for sale.  Bad odors are one of the biggest turn offs for potential buyers when they enter a home, and room fresheners only make it worse.

A true professional will make this process feel as easy as possible for you as you prepare to sell your home.  I always do an initial walkthrough with my sellers to determine if there is anything I would recommend they do ahead of listing so that they have plenty of time to get those tasks completed before photography day and the listing going live.

Most times there is minimal that needs to be done.  Now, if you are in a situation where you feel there would be more work done or updates that need to be done, I would recommend having your broker over way before you think you would want to sell so that they can advise you on repairs and upgrades that would make you the most money in the end.  Sometimes, it may not be worth it.  Especially in a strong sellers market.

If it’s time to make a move in real estate…..See what I did there 🙂  Reach out and let’s get talking about what is best for you!



Sara Koenig | Spokane Realtor



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